Union Aquatics Club
Union Aquatics Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my swimmer need a water bottle at practice and at swim meets? They are surrounded by water.

A: Swimmers need to hydrate during practice and at swim meets.

Q: At a swim meet, will my swimmer compete with other swimmers in his/her practice swim group?

A. At a swim meet, your swimmer will compete with swimmers from UNAC and other clubs in his/her age group (8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 and over).

Q: Why do we pay for swimmers to participate in some swim meets and others are free?

A: Only STSL (Southern Tier Swim League) meets are free. These are swim meets within our league. Other swim meets we attend have swimmer costs associated with them.

Q: How do I sign up swimmers for an upcoming meet?

A: Once the new season’s meet calendar comes out, you will have an idea of when and where upcoming meets will take place. Active, our registration and meet software, will generate an email inviting swimmers to register for events.

This is a competitive swim club. Swimmers are expected to participate in swim meets. Newer swimmers might not be ready for a swim meet. Please ask your swimmer’s coach if they feel he/she is ready.

Q: Why is there mandatory parental participation at ALL UNAC-hosted swim meets?

A: Swim meets take a tremendous amount of work to be successful. We do not pay people to help us plan a swim meet or staff the swim meet. Everything that needs to be done at a swim meet hosted by UNAC is done with the active participation of parents.

Our goal is to have every parent eventually rotated through to every position. If you are assigned a role, you need to make arrangements to be able to fulfill that role.

As with any other sport, active participation by parents is required for UNAC. We do not hold fundraisers (ie. magazine sales, pasta dinner, etc). The bigger meets are our fundraisers! We are in need of participation for a few hours to staff the meet. It is a very rewarding experience!

Q. Why does my swimmer have to get to a swim meet an hour before it starts?

A: Every swimmer needs to participate in warm ups before the swim meet starts. Your swimmer needs to be in the pool, ready for warm ups, at the time listed. The swimmers practice as a team. The coaches are focused on their entire team during warm ups.

Q: Why was my swimmer disqualified (DQ’d) in his/her heat?

A: The officials saw a mistake on the part of your swimmer. You should ask the coach to get specifics on the disqualification. Remember, a DQ is a learning experience!

Q: My swimmer won his heat. Why didn’t he/she come in first overall for that event?

A: Your swimmer may have won his/her individual heat, but another swimmer in a different heat may have had a lower time. The final results for a specific event (e.g. 13-14 girls’ 100 yard breaststroke) are compiled based upon the fastest times for all swimmers in that event. A personal best time is what we are striving for!

Q: How do I know my swimmer is doing better at swim meets?

A: You should keep track of how your swimmer is doing at swim meets. You can make up a spreadsheet, keep a log book, get the Deck Pass app, use Active, etc. These are great ways to track swim times for the events they participate in. Swim meets are a true test of swimmers’ performance improvements.

Q: I want to get a UNAC swimsuit for my child. How can I go about buying one?

A: When the Fall session begins, UNAC will announce that orders can be placed for UNAC swimsuits. A link will be posted on our webpage. The Deep End will send UNAC a sample kit of suits to try on. Coaches will help swimmers choose the size that fits them best. Parents can order UNAC swimsuits through that link.

After the first bulk order is submitted in the Fall, parents will still be able to order UNAC swimsuits. However, you will be required to pay shipping. Use the same Deep End link on our website.

Q: When will my swimmer get a UNAC swim cap?

A: Swimmers will get his/her UNAC swim cap at the first meet he/she participates in for UNAC. These caps are to be worn ONLY at swim meets. Do not wear them to practice. Parents need to supply swim caps for practice.