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Union Aquatics Club

Get Involved

Are you curious about getting more involved with UNAC?  We would love to have you!  We appreciate any help you are willing to give to UNAC!

Parents are always welcome to attend our monthly UNAC Board meeting.  You can sit and listen or be put on the agenda if you have something specific to discuss.



Please consider being an official. More officials are desperately needed to help out at local swim meets and at invitational meets. If adequate officiating coverage is not available for a sanctioned swim meet, none of the times for swimmers at the meet will be considered valid by USA Swimming. This is detrimental for all swimmers, especially when swimmers need certain events not offered at every meet and need their times to qualify for certain time standards. We cannot allow this to happen to any swimmer.

USA Swimming and Niagara provide excellent education and support for development of swim clubs. UNAC currently has 2 certified officials. Lois Blight and Mary McGovern would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding officiating.

We are in critical need of parent volunteers to pursue officiating so that there are more officials to rotate through swim meets. Officials begin as "Stroke and Turn" judges and have the opportunity to move on to starter, referee and administrative official. By volunteering, you will be supporting your child, other swimmers, UNAC and other clubs within the Southern Tier Swim League (STSL) and Niagara LSC. You will gain a better understanding of the sport of swimming, including strokes and what is involved in competition. In addition, you will have one of the best seats in the house to watch swim meets since only officials, swimmers, meet marshals and coaches are allowed on the pool deck.


Swim Meet Volunteers

All parents are required to participate as volunteers at UNAC-hosted swim meets. In order for meets to run smoothly, we need everyone's help. You will be notified via email and Facebook when volunteers are needed. Volunteer sign-ups are done through the Active website. For meets hosted by other clubs, UNAC may be required to have additional parent participation (e.g. timers). Here are some descriptions of some of the swim meet volunteer positions

Announcer  -  This volunteer helps with announcing during the meet.

Awards Organizer  -  Volunteers are needed after the Silvers meet and during the Sertoma meet to help sort awards (ribbons, medals) by club. Reports are generated showing results of each event. Labels are printed and attached to the ribbons and medals. Silvers meet awards are sorted during one practice the week following Silvers. Sertoma awards are done during the Sertoma meet so clubs can take their awards home with them.

Concession Sales  -  Volunteers are needed to staff the concessions table. 

Event Results Runner  -  This volunteer takes event results from the timing table and posts them on a designated wall at the meet.

Head Timer  -  This volunteer has had experience timing at multiple meets. The head timer makes sure all stopwatches are running properly, coordinates lane assignments for timers and runs the timers' meeting prior to the start of a session. During the meet, the head timer is responsible for starting 2 stopwatches for each race, which serve as back-up stopwatches in the event a lane timer forgets to start her/his stopwatch or a stopwatch malfunctions.

Heat Organizer  -  This volunteer helps with seeding the 10 and under swimmers. The swimmers are seeded according to their heat and the lane in which they will be swimming.

Meet Marshal  -  Every swim session of a meet must have both a male and female meet marshal. Meet marshals are in charge of the safety around the pool deck (e.g. no running, enforces warm-up and warm-down rules), in the stands (e.g. clear pathway of bleacher stairs), in the locker rooms, hallway bathrooms and in hallways (e.g. no horseplay). In addition, the meet marshals will notify a custodian when any supplies need to be replenished (e.g. toilet paper) or if there are any hazardous conditions (e.g. slippery floors). Although the meet marshals constantly circulate during the meet, he/she will have a chance to watch his/her swimmer(s) during the meet.

Program Sales  -  This volunteer will assist in the sale of programs (heat sheets) at the start of warm-ups and help concession sales.

Set Up and Tear Down –  All parents are required to assist with either set up or tear down at UNAC-hosted meets. This may involve making sure equipment is working properly, cleaning up around the pool deck and bleachers, setting up or tearing down tables and chairs, working with the touch pads and any other necessary jobs for meet preparation and completion.

Timer  -  This volunteer is responsible for timing swimmers in a designated lane. Typically there are 2 timers per lane. The head timer will coordinate each lane so that inexperienced timers will be paired with an experienced timer. The timers will each start their stopwatches when a race begins and stop their stopwatches at the completion of each race. In addition, one of the timers will be responsible for manually pressing the plunger at the end of the race, which serves as a back up to the touch pad finish. The other timer is responsible for documenting both stopwatch times on the timing sheet. For a swimming race, the touchpad is the official time, the manual plunger, which is connected to the touch pad and computer system, provide a back up to the touchpad and the stopwatch times are used as the last resort and back up the computerized touch pad timing system.